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"What if we already know the answers to life, the universe and everything... and all we need is someone to help us calm the hooting monkey between our ears and connect to our true selves?"

It took decades to figure it all out...

Life, the Universe, and Everything

and how to survive and thrive in this realm...

... and then

something strange happened

Along with the joy and wonder that I now know the world to be, I had an unexpected calling thrust upon me...

the desire to help... to be kind... to teach...

...I want to help people be happier, calmer, kinder, and have beautiful lives empowered by this understanding I took so long to build.

Once you figure it out, none of this is hard to understand.

The quantum leap is putting it all together into a joined-up, end-to-end view that starts with understanding how the tricks in the game are designed to perpetuate the human machine from the point of self-preserving ignorance.

Ignorance of truth is the root of suffering.

Ignorance of truth is what keeps you from joy.

We are more than our bodies. Restricting our outlook to the limits of this biological cage is what causes the stress and emotional torment that go hand in hand with life blocking your joy.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Through logic, and understanding of the natural laws beyond our universe, we can have a better, more powerful, creative life.

My approach to life has always been science and logic... and trying to fit in, but I could never shake off the feeling there was always an inevitable crash of conclusion stalking me.

All the struggles and pain, even whilst they were happening, felt like they had a greater purpose, pushing me to somewhere unknown but achingly familiar all the same.

In a beautiful piece of ironic self-defeat, a lifetime with a brain that simply won't shut up... a brain needing to understand every aspect of life... physics, neuroscience, palaeo/anthropology, social & cognitive sciences... this wayward brain led me to figure out the game of life and... how to make my brain... shut up!

By asking the brain-numbing questions of "What comes before the quantum soup of the big bang?"... "What comes before String Theory?"... "What the game is outside of this realm?"...

...then, you end up with the same conclusion as Einstein and his peers,

that there is something bigger than us that wants us to be here, being conscious, as experiencing beings...

and, when you apply logic to this, at the level of physics and the pre-quantum, there is no rule that says we have to suffer.

...and just what is the meaning of life anyway?

Who are we...Why are we here...

From this place of beautiful glowing truth, I want to share with you and the world:

To make this a bit more fun and accessible, and just because I can... I wrote:

The Children of Tekton

Here we find a mystical story where our protagonist sets out on a journey seeking the answers to one enigma, but ends up revealing ancient wisdom hidden in the sands of time... where everything leads to Talal.

Painted upon this backdrop, we explore the question of how to succeed and find joy in the real world...

The Children of TektonThe Children of Tekton

No tricks, no games, the world doesn't need any more of that... just read it, enjoy it, find some joy for life in yourself ... be a splinter of kindness in the world, and you'll have helped me make this ball of rock floating in the cosmos even more perfect... and my work will have been worthwhile.

It's fun, and a story I actually enjoy!

(even though I wrote it!)

and... yes...


By the way... just to be clear...

# No religion, No cults, No weirdness #

Just a journey to an understanding that I want to share with you

My backstory may help:

I started out as a mess. 18-year-old me, I was broken emotionally, socially, and educationally.

No career, No hope, No silver spoon, No network to save me.

From my start in life, ten steps behind everyone else, I crippled myself with inner pain, believing my lot in life was to bump along the bottom, ignorant to there being a better way... ignorant that my own brain was killing my life.

This self-inflicted pain and some deep losses over that time forced me to look for the answers. I'd not have guessed it 40 years ago, but today, I'm very grateful for the pain and my wayward brain. I'd not be here without it.

And yes, it took many years to figure out how the world works, what our brains are doing to us, and how our existence only makes sense if you extend beyond the quantum-limited, thermodynamic-bound human understanding and fit our earth-bound science with a model of what came before space and time.

But I've been fortunate, as are many, that countless spontaneous things which can only be explained by a new physics beyond this universe lead to the conclusion that existence is bigger than what we see.

... and with this unexpected gift of knowledge came the keys to controlling my life outcomes.

I got to take ownership of the things we've all dismissed as destiny or luck or ordained, and instead, had the power to take control of outcomes, happiness, love and joy dropped into my hands.

Who knew I'd get this outcome?... who knew you could too...

So yes, my path to living a life of happiness, balance, calm, and love for the planet and people alike can be replicated... it wasn't luck, it wasn't some creepy priest or faux spiritualist getting in my head; it's the beauty of logic and understanding and physics... and I want to share this with the world, because this understanding has afforded me the means to materially improve mine and anyone life who wants to listen... or just read my fun little story book.

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